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Get Started with eCampus

Use the Course Management options in eCampus Tools to request courses in eCampus.


3 Easy Steps...

  1. Request your course.

    Use eCampus Tools to select options for both course management and member management based on information from Compass.

    Request an eCampus Course

    In addition to an official course, optionally request a development course, which does not contain student enrollments. Develop materials or content for a course and then copy as needed.

    Request a Development Course

    Alternatively, request an organization, which is similar to a course except that it does not contain grades, does not have an end date, and does not automatically receive enrollment data from Compass.

    Request an Organization

    Learn more about what types of courses are available in eCampus.

  2. Create your course.

    Choose how to set up your course and create content in eCampus.

  3. Make your course available.

    When ready, make the course available to students.

Support Information

Contact the Office for Academic Innovation at or (979) 458-3417 for more information about getting started with eCampus.